Never Doubt The Worm

from by Trouble in The Streets

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It’s passion, it’s high
It keeps me all live, I got
One soul, survive
But if I could just multiply
Give me one good reason why, I can’t
Feel like I’m alive

To keep me on the low
Only we’ll know

Tryin to find clarity
Tryin to keep it from under me
Pop, pop, pop, understood
Mess around get lost in my hood
Now I’m gone for days
Hoping all this hunger would pass away
Babies cry for days like

How can I keep this up
Can’t get these thoughts unstuck
Blink twice a dream uncut
Isn’t living parody what we want?
Keep me from feeling high
Stop me from wondering why
Animal born was I
Green paper money to cover my hide

To keep me on the low
Only we’ll know

All I know
What we were told
You got feel your tame release
To feel like I, could pass and lie
You ought to know, You ought to know

Feel like I, feel like I

Call me a drone, so many miles from home
Smarter than this, thoughts like a parasite start to regress
Amateur at best cause I can’t control this dense beat in my chest
Gone for days, show face one time only too craze
Steal one from your page
Shoes fit too tight where malady lays
Hold your ties, no one knows you better than the other side
Leave your feelings down and open wide
Swallow it all just to survive
Pursuit of the mind
Pursuit of the unknown, risky grind
Think back to a time
Nothing like retrograde to change your vibe

Things that make you tick
Programmed by time will only make you sick
But if you don’t hear, you don’t hear that click
Well who’s signature are you hoping to fit for now
It was nature’s own cosmic joke how to make you feel alone
Could you reproduce it you’re A Type, stone
When you hit that pocket than you balance own’d

Pop pop pop
Letting go of vanity, chop chop chop
Double down on ego like I, I, I
Could ever give you more of these words to live by
No one needs my help
Not a lowly soul, not even myself
Save that oxygen for your own damn self

Cause now we’re back to this spaceship
Now we’re back to this spaceship
And I hope and I pray that you make it
Cause we’re takin it over like
Takin it over like

Tell me how it goes
How am I supposed to survive
If I can’t live a lie
Stuck here bargaining with my own damn mind
What it takes to feel alive
It was what you already know
You were never that far from home
Next departure will leave you seul
Pull that curtain back before you go


from Electro Tribe, track released December 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Trouble in The Streets Austin, Texas


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